Application Process

Your interest in BCCI is important to us. If you are interested in filling out a BCCI application for your child. Please follow these steps: 

Step1:Submit《BCCI Application Form》and supporting documents

  1. 1. If you have any question when filling the form please contact us
  2.         Contact us in China : +86 156-8191-0027 ; Wechat: 15681910027
  4. 2. Submit《BCCI Application Form》online


1.Photocopy of Pupil’s Birth Certificate

2.Recent Medical History

3.Parent Consent Form

4.One-by-one Student Photo

5.Photocopy of Student ID, Parents’ ID or Passport

6.Photocopy of Previous School’s Reports(If applicable)

1.Photocopy of Pupil’s Birth Certificate

2.Recent Medical History

3.Parent Consent Form

4.One-by-one Student Photo

5.Photocopy of Student ID, Parents’ ID or Passport

6.School Reports(GPA)

7.Financial Proof(100K yuan or more)

8.English Proficiency Test results

9.Recommendation Letter from Teacher

10.Student’s Short Essay(Choose from 2 topics)

1.Photocopy of Pupil’s Birth Certificate

2.Recent Medical History

3.Parent Consent Form

4.One-by-one Student Photo and Parent Photos

5.Photocopy of Student ID, Parents’ ID or Passport

6.Photocopy of Previous School’s Report(If applicable)

7.Photocopy of House Registration Document

Step2:Online interview

Having received student’s application form and documents we will contact you to schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with your family and the BCCI Principal. The purpose of the meeting is to help you learn more about BCCI, and to answer specific questions you may have regarding the school.

Step3:Notification of Admission Result


After our meeting we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you if your application has been accepted by BCCI.

Step4:Tuition Payment


Once we receive the tuition payment the student is formally admitted into BCCI.

Step5:Get Ready for School

Welcome to join our school

Chinese Admission Contact



Thailand Admission Contact


Mobile : (+66)850515417
Line : evefilyn
e-mail :


A: There are three prominent advantages:

  • Having received the first-class American private school education, students’ English and intercultural communication skills and critical thinking abilities will be much better.
  • When students graduate from the Bangkok high school they can receive SCCS college application counseling. Because SCCS is closely linked to some American colleges, students can get detailed instruction when applying for college and scholarship.
  • Students are already trained with American curriculum before college. They tend to do better in American colleges.


  1. The school will start at the end of August, 2020. The grades to be enrolled are: grades 8, 9, 10, 11. Third grade of junior high school and first, second and third grade of high school in the American system. Equivalent to second and third grades of junior high school and first and second grades of high school inside China.
    We offer one-year ESL for students whose English needs work.  For middle schoolers who need ESL, we will group them together as 7th or 8th grade ESL class.
    At the same time we enroll for International Kindergarten and Primary School. Grade to be enrolled are :Nursery (Age2-3)// K1(Age3-4) // K2 (Age4-5) / / K3 (Age5-6)// Primary Grade 1-4 


A: students below 9th grade, which is junior high school students, cannot live in student apartment.  They need a parent to accompany them or they can board with other student’s families. The agreement of boarding is decided by both parents.

A: There are management regulations for boarding, and responsible and caring staff will take charge of student’s safety and their code of conduct. We not only respect the children’s freedom, but also allow them to learn character in the group context and help them live a responsible, rule-abiding and friendly life.

A: Yes, we have a dedicated cafeteria that serves Chinese, Western and Thai food for teachers and boarding students. Students who live outside of campus can buy breakfast and lunch at the cafeteria.

  1. We are highly concerned about student’s safety. Thailand is among the best developing countries in Southeast Asia with stable political environment and friendly people. The location of the school is at wealthy villa area in the northern Bangkok with good security. The school’s teaching and living area are inside campus and are closed during class hours.


  1. There is a large hospital less than 1000 meters from the school. We require parents to buy medical and personal accident insurance for students. In the event of accident or illness, the insurance company will pay for the medical expenses.

A: Class hour begins at 8:00am, and ends at 3:00pm. 45 minutes for lunch time and self-study. After 3:00pm, students can freely choose to participate in their favorite club activities. The school considers club activities after school as opportunities for students to develop their personality and talents. The school provides a variety of clubs.

A: For the admitted students, the school provides an international student visa application form. If parents needs accompanying visa, the school will provide international student accompanying visa application form for parents to be submitted to Thai embassy or consulate in their local area. Visa application should be successful except for special circumstances.

A: We enroll students from all around the world to make an international community.

A: It is convenient. The Thai government allows students of different age to study there and provides parents with accompanying visa; the nearby apartments will bring convenience to parents who want to accompany or visit student.

A: The school teaches in three languages, Chinese, English and Thai. It provides not only authentic English learning environment but also high-quality Chinese education to enable students with intercultural abilities. And at the same time the school provides some Thai language classes.  Thai education as required by Thai Ministry of Education.

A: The school adopts International English Education System and requires students to possess a certain level of English proficiency.  For students who needs to improve their English the school provides ESL or “preparatory English education” to help them smoothly complete the transition from Chinese to English education.