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Be Distinct. You are Not a Number

LIFE Impacts Life

Our faculty teach each class from a truthful perspective … from art, to strength training, to history. From coaches to club leaders to librarians – our staff will be a positive example to students, raising them to be next generation of leaders with "character building", "pursuit of academic excellency" , "pursuit of social justice", and "pursuit of Creation Care".

DEVELOPING Gifts and Talents

Our students have an array of opportunities to choose from – Robotics, Football, Cheerleading, Praise Band, Scholastic Bowl, Ceramics, and Track and Cross Country among many others. A well-rounded school experience is essential for your student. These experiences lead to deepened friendships, improved academic performance, development of leadership skills, and enhanced self-esteem.


With families from all around the world, our community is diverse. With our differences – whether skin color or religious denomination – we learn from one another. We celebrate what we have in common. We strive to understand our differences. We persist together. We grow together. We need you. We are stronger together.

CREATING a Lasting Impact

From planting trees, to helping a classmate better understand a concept, to giving a passionate speech on ending human trafficking – we encourage our students to take a stand, think deeply, love through action, and make a lasting impact in the World.

INVESTING in Students

Our committed faculty invest in our students every day. Our teachers are one of our greatest strengths! Our teachers will know your student by name; they will know their strengths, their struggles, and most importantly, their potential.


Our students own their learning experience. With teacher guidance, students identify their academic goals, reflect on their progress, and stretch their capabilities. Our students will be primed to lead discussions, ask tough questions, and investigate outcomes.

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authentic American EDUCATION

In its century-old history of liberal arts education, SCCS has been widely praised and respected by parents for its unique emphasis on moral character building, servanthood leadership, and excellent academics. 

 1.Character Building
 2.Pursuit of Academic Excellency
 3. Pursuit of Social Justice 
 4. Pursuit of Creation Care

Affordable price

In Thailand, rental fee and living expenses are relatively affordable. Compared with America, studying at  BCCI is more affordable for families who want their children to have a U.S. education.

Advantageous location

The school is located in the middle of a villa area in the southeast outskirts of Bangkok with peaceful surroundings, covering an area of 12.5 acres. The two teaching buildings cover an area of 4500 square meters and can accommodate 400 students.

convenient for family reunion

We pay close attention to family relationship.  We encourage parents to build a close relationship and maintain close communication with their children as they grow with BCCI. Studying in Bangkok offers more opportunity of reunion for families.

  1. Thailand provides accompanying visa for student’s family.
  2. Thailand provides Chinese citizen with visa on arrival. Traveling to Bangkok is as convenient as traveling to a city in China. Our school is situated in a villa area on the southeast outskirts of Bangkok and is only 35-minute car ride from the international airport.