About Us

       Bangkok-Chicago Christian International School (BCCI, K-12) was established in Bangkok by the Southwest Chicago Christian School (SCCS, www.swchristian.org), a century-old private school in Midwest America. 

        In its hundred years of liberal arts education, SCCS has been widely praised and respected by parents for its unique emphasis on moral character building, servanthood leadership and excellent academics. 

Our Campus:
          International Kindergarten (K1、K2、K3)
          International Primary School(Grade 1-4)
          International High School(English prep class、and Grade 8-11; Equivalent to 
Second and third grade of junior high school and first, second grade of high school in the Chinese system;Third grade of junior high school and first, second and third grade of high school in the American system.


Our Profile of a Graduate from BCCI

Our Student will possess these qualities upon graduation:

Live a purpose driven life

  1. Always think about how to make others better and our world better
  2. Build strong moral character

  3. Stay focused, regardless of the circumstances 
  4. Pursue academic excellence

  5. Use God-given talents to pursue an excellent liberal arts education.
  6. Love and serve our neighbors

  7. Cultivate excellent life skills such as humility and the willingness to serve one’s neighbors
  8. Strengthen family values

  9. Cultivate and hold a healthy view toward love, marriage and family life.
  10. Pursue social justice with a loving heart 

  11. Eliminate prejudices in race, culture, gender, and politics.
  12. Love our Planet

  13. Protect and cherish the environment as caregivers of the earth

Our Leadership

Bangkok Chicago Christian International School was established because a group of visionary and active educators saw a thriving Asia need to prepare for the next generation of leadership. They believe Southwest Chicago Christian School-SCCS’s educational philosophy and educational resources can contribute to cultivating the next generation of leaders in Asia. Graduated Students from this school will not only be the blessing of Asia but also the blessing of the World.



2003 - 2005 Chicago, IL US Master of School Administration, Saint Xavier University
1995 - 1997 Chicago, IL US Master of Leadership and Learning, Saint Xavier University
1986 - 1990 Palos Heights, IL, US Bachelor of Art, Trinity Christian College Major: Education Minors: Art and German Language