Authentic American Education


Enjoy high quality American course system with more than 100 years history(Mainly taught by American teachers)

High Quality Chinese Courses
with Special Emphasis on Chinese Speaking Skill


BCCI places strong emphasis on our students’ bilingual and even multilingual capabilities. We provide high-quality, integrated Chinese language courses, with special emphasis on developing student’s Chinese speaking skills.

The Power of Example

One of our greatest strengths is our committed faculty. They will invest in you because they know that relationships matter. Our faculty will strive to help you grow, learn, and be confident in yourself and your abilities. 


There are three prominent advantages:

  • Having received the first-class American private school education, students’ English and intercultural communication skills and critical thinking abilities will be much better.
  • When students graduate from the Bangkok high school they can receive SCCS college application counseling. Because SCCS is closely linked to some American colleges, students can get detailed instruction when applying for college and scholarship.
  • Students are already trained with American curriculum before college. They tend to do better in American colleges.

A: students below 9th grade, which is junior high school students, cannot live in student apartment.  They need a parent to accompany them or they can board with other student’s families. The agreement of boarding is decided by both parents.

A: There are management regulations for boarding, and responsible and caring staff will take charge of student’s safety and their code of conduct. We not only respect the children’s freedom, but also allow them to learn character in the group context and help them live a responsible, rule-abiding and friendly life.

A: Yes, we have a dedicated cafeteria that serves Chinese, Western and Thai food for teachers and boarding students. Students who live outside of campus can buy breakfast and lunch at the cafeteria.

  1. We are highly concerned about student’s safety. Thailand is among the best developing countries in Southeast Asia with stable political environment and friendly people. The location of the school is at wealthy villa area in the northern Bangkok with good security. The school’s teaching and living area are inside campus and are closed during class hours.